"On The Edge Knife Sharpening was formed in 2008, when I decided to focus more on what makes me happy in life - working with my hands."

--Patti Small

Knives pictured above made by Cut Brooklyn

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"I spent a long time working on a set of very good knives in very bad shape that I had inherited. After spending many hours working out rust and repolishing the knives, I asked Patti to repair the edge and sharpen them since I don't have any experience there. Patti was very honest when I met her at a farmer's market and said she'd need lots of time with them; within a week she had made them incredibly sharp. I was very impressed with the edges. The price was crazy reasonable for what I assumed was a lot more work then most knives require."

Kelsey C. Cambridge MA


"The knives came out great, the angles are both the same, nice shiny edges, and no odd scratches on my blades.  I dropped off roughly $700 worth of knives and scissors, and I can honestly say I wont take them anywhere else."

James C. Haverhill MA

photo by Aram Boghosian

Patti Small

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