Knife blades, straight & serrated

6" & under: $10
Over 6": $15

Garden Loppers, pruners, & grass shears: $9





On-site sharpening at your location - $200 minimum (good for family, friends and neighbors) unless I am already in your neighborhood.

I have been running into people who want to jump the line. I have decided to allow this to happen, but there is a premium of 100%. Time is money. At least that is what I keep hearing.

Note: Some knives are not "redeemable". If you would like them sharpened, we can assess and give it the old college try. Often times, it is best that you replace these knives rather than pay to sharpen an inferior knife that will never hold an edge. We can recommend several brands and types of knives, if you request. There are good knives for every budget. They may not be fancy, but they certainly are functional and will hold an edge.